An arms race — Artificial Intelligence is redefining geopolitics

Publicerad 14 januari, 2020

In this brief Aurore Belfrage, investor, entrepreneur and industrial advisor to Europe’s leading PE house EQT, writes about the imminent rise of AI (artificial intelligence) on the markets and its implications for the geopolitical dynamic. Furthermore, she analyses how this might trigger a new kind of technological arms race and what the vital factors are to succeed in the competition over AI.

Aurore Belfrage. Tech entrepreneur, political advisor and investor Aurore Belfrage spends her time in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and international affairs. She’s an Industrial Advisor to Europe’s leading PE house EQT, she’s a columnist with Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) and a contributor to Politico, she writes, vlogs and hosts a podcast on pressing issues like the environment, geopolitics, ethics, governance and labor/future of work. 2011 she co-founded the hyped global gift card startup Wrapp with Skype founder Zennström and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman as early investors.