Alla krig kostar skattepengar — även handelskrig

Hjälpen till USA:s bönder som drabbas av Trumps handelskrig gör USA:s jordbrukspolitik ännu mer absurd.

Foundation for Economic Education är generellt intressant och skriver ganska mycket om handel.

Här en artikel om handel, USA:s jordbrukssubventioner och det stödprogram som Trumpadministrationen just nu sjösätter för att hjälpa de jordbrukare som drabbas av Trumps handelskrig.

”On July 25th, President Trump’s trade war took another toxic turn as he announced a $12 billion bailout for farmers affected by retaliatory tariffs from our trading partners on things like soybeans, beef, and pork. Ironically, the countries like Mexico and China who imposed these tariffs were merely responding to the trade penalties inflicted upon them by the United States.

Let’s review the Trump administration’s record on trade: They enacted tariffs, tariffs were levied against us in response, and then Trump bailed out the industries affected by his own misguided policies. How could that possibly be a good use of taxpayer money?


It isn’t just farmers who are affected by the tariffs. National Public Radio (NPR) highlighted a cold storage meat warehousing business that has seen declines in their toplines from the retaliatory tariffs, and countless other business will be impacted. Tariffs could have negative effects on everything from businesses that sell farming equipment and tools to those that ship and distribute produce all over the world, and everything in between. Though the impacts have only affected certain industries like pork, which has seen almost no exports to China since the tariffs were implemented, the problem could spread if more countries retaliate or the ones that have further those policies.”

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