Frihandel i media vecka 44


Washington post. Redan innan avtalet är godkänt av kongressen tornar problem med nya NAFTA upp sig för biltillverkare i USA:

”It appears America First doesn’t necessarily mean American businesses first.

The Trump administration wants to unilaterally dictate how global automotive companies manage their supply chains within the terms of a replacement to the North American Free Trade Agreement that’s still awaiting congressional approval, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg News. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement signed by President Donald Trump in 2018 allows for a transition period for automakers to meet new rules for tariff-free production that include sourcing 75% of a car from the three countries and 40% from factories that pay an average wage of $16 an hour or higher. The language governing that transition period could give the White House the ability to favor one automaker over another and to pressure companies into making investments that it wants to see, the people told Bloomberg News.

So much for the USMCA agreement providing certainty to businesses — and so much for free markets.In the immediate term, the Trump administration’s efforts to dictate how and where automotive parts are built risks ballooning costs for an industry already grappling with weaker demand for sedans. It also raises the risk of factory decisions being used as political currency in swing states, an almost unfathomable shift in U.S. policy.What’s mind-boggling about this push for control over automotive supply chains is that it entails the same kind of government oversight and closed-market mentality that U.S. companies and the government have (rightly) criticized in China. This should raise red flags for manufacturing companies about the longer-term ramifications of the “phase one” deal the U.S. is currently negotiating with China. It’s perhaps worth asking again what Trump is really trying to solve in his trade war with China.”


Sydafrikanska Business report skriver om EU:s initiativ till frihandelsavtal med Afrika:

”The European Union (EU) pushed for an African free trade agreement at the opening of the Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue in Sandton, Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Newly-appointed European Union (EU) Ambassador to South Africa, Riina Kionka stated that with R1.4 trillion in investment stocks, South Africa’s major trade partner is the EU.

“The R1.4 trillion in foreign direct investment stocks by the European Union is almost as much as South Africa’s state budget for 2019 (R1.8 trillion) and accounts for a whopping 75 percent of overall foreign direct investment in this country,” said Kionka at the sixth edition of the summit.

“The European Union has been a stable and resilient partner of South Africa through the toughest times. While South African exports in 2018 have decreased by 3.1 percent overall, due mainly to strong declines in the United States (-13.5 percent) and China (-9 percent), South Africa’s exports to the EU have increased by 2.8 percent. This comprises almost one quarter of this country’s total exports. This is a testament to our preferential agreement, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which provides stability and predictability to our trading and business environment and is an anchor for our investment decisions,” Kionka added.

The Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue (formerly the South Africa Italy Summit) is hosted by one of the world’s leading think tanks, The European House Ambrosetti, in partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG).

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, said it was the Gauteng Province’s aim to contribute 50 percent to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment target of $100 billion (R750 billion) over the next five years.

“I am leading this investment drive, together with the Mayors, CEOs of Gauteng- based companies and state-owned enterprises. We have infrastructure and investment projects – both public and private sector – worth R500 billion over the next 5-7 years. We want to attract an additional R200 billion of foreign direct investment over five years. The Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue is an important platform to mobilise the investor community towards a common understanding of the opportunities and common action to unlock investment to grow South Africa and the SADC region,” Makhura said at the summit.”



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