NAFTA-förhandlingarna går bättre än förväntat — i vilket fall för Mexiko

Förhandlingarna med Mexiko går bättre än med Kanada när det gäller NAFTA.

Ett tecken på någon form av tillnyktring i handelsfrågor från Trumps sida är att NAFTA-förhandlingarna går framåt. Hopp finns att slutföra under augusti, något som är nödvändigt för att avtalet skall kunna undertecknas under året.

Att gå in i valrörelsen med tre handelskrig pågående är kanske inte så lockande för Republikanerna. De borde ju vara vunna redan. Istället förbereds stöd till lantbrukare på 12 miljarder dollar på grund av Kinas motåtgärder.

Samtidigt sker förhandlingarna nu mellan i huvudsak Mexiko och USA. Kanada är inte riktigt med på vagnen.


”The talks have taken on a largely two-nation format, with Canada rebuffed in recent attempts to engage with Lighthizer, according to three other people with knowledge of the talks, who also asked not to be named. The Canadian negotiating team led by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has been told that the U.S. is focusing on negotiations with Mexico and isn’t interested in engaging with Canada at the moment, according to the people.

Davis said Lighthizer “has great respect for Minister Freeland and considers her a good friend,” pointing out that the Nafta negotiations have had both bilateral and trilateral meetings over the past year.

“In every meeting arrangement, the United States is focused on completing the best possible trade deal as quickly as we can,” Davis said in an emailed response to questions.

While the three nations have remained far apart on several major points for almost a year after the negotiations began, Trump said earlier this month that he’s heading toward a “dramatic” deal with Mexico and that he may prioritize bilateral trade talks with the southern neighbor over Canada. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Monday that negotiations with Mexico are going well and may be close to wrapping up.

Trump has blamed low-cost Mexican production for the outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing jobs south of the border, a key motivation for his demand to renegotiate the 24-year-old pact. U.S. proposals have sought to increase Mexican salaries and provide incentives for auto manufacturers to either move production back to America or at least stop investing so much south of the border.

Besides automotive rules, Nafta’s most contentious issues include dispute resolution, access to U.S. procurement deals, seasonal barriers to agriculture trade and a clause that would terminate Nafta after five years unless the nations agree to continue it.”


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