Patrik Oksanens inträdesanförande till KKrVA förpubliceras

Med anledning av cyberattacken mot Ukrainska myndigheter har Kungl Krigsvetenskapsakademien valt att publicera Patrik Oksanens kommande inträdesanförande i Handlingar och Tidskrift i förtid.

”Cyberattacks and influence operations could severely hurt the targeted society, especially when one considers long term effects of the operations. But compared with activities conducted in the physical realm these attacks are not viewed as severe and does not lead to the same response from the attacked. This means that the attacker can continue its attacks without facing any real consequences. In his entrance speech to the Academy, Patrik Oksanen, argues for the need of using solidarity between likeminded countries in order to build a deterrence in this field.”


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