Försvararens dilemma

”While much of the West worries about a physical invasion, gray-zone aggression is taking place every day — and it is hard to detect because it often looks like the normal bustle of daily life.

Gray-zone aggression is happening because it is exceedingly easy to attack liberal democracies in the gray zone between war and peace. Indeed, it is distinctly advantageous to use nonmilitary means of aggression. Doing so brings the attacking side the benefits it seeks, which may be industrial prowess rather than territorial gains. It makes the defender’s task harder; indeed, the aggression is extremely difficult to deter.”

Så beskrivs Elisabeth Braws bok som är publicerad av AEI, American Enterprise Institute, på hemsidan.

I det här poddavsnittet av Säkerhetsrådet samtalar vi med Braw om försvararens dilemma och hur demokratier kan avskräcka diktaturers gråzonsattacker.

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