Cold War 2.1 (in Swedish)

November 17, 2015

After Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine Europe’s security order has collapsed. The security situation around the Baltic Sea has worsened and Swedish defense forces must be strengthened. Military maneouvers replace each other and opinions for and against NATO are gathering strength. These events are occurring against a backdrop of totalitarian developments in Russia while the EU […]

The Sea of Peace? (in Swedish)

June 9, 2015

For more than two decades the Baltic region has been considered a model of statesmanship. Well-functioning economies, a climate rich in innovation and above all peace and stability have been the area’s defining characteristics. Then came the spring of 2014. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine the Baltic region went from […]

Ukraine Evokes Opinions (in Swedish)

September 2, 2014

The large wars and conflicts occurring in the world around us are increasingly affecting Sweden. A new security and political situation has arisen after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leading to consequences for the surrounding areas. In light of these events Sweden’s security doctrine must be updated and its stance towards Russia tightened, especially within the framework of our relationship with […]

Defend the Baltic Sea (in Swedish)

January 23, 2013

Sweden is no longer neutral or politically unaligned. In the event of military action in our surrounding area, we have promised to help our neighboring countries as well as accept their support through the practice of “solidaritetsförklaringen”, established in 2009. This is a continuation of the closer coordination with NATO that has been occurring, since most of the countries […]

China as a Superpower (in Swedish)

June 14, 2012

Edited by Nils Hedberg China is on its way to becoming a superpower, and how it will use its newfound strength will affect the global playing field and the rules of the game. The question is whether this will make the world better or worse off? By seeing how China behaves in its new role, one can […]

Monday At Noon (in Swedish)

August 15, 2011

From March 1990 until September 1991 a new grassroots movement spontaneously grew in Sweden, consisting of hundreds of thousands of sympathizers. “Monday at noon” was spread not only throughout Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm but over the entire country, creating broad citizen support for a single goal: Estonia’s, Latvia’s and Lithuania’s freedom. This new edition of the book, which was originally […]

Time for a Strong Defense – NATO is Waiting for Sweden (in Swedish)

January 7, 2014

2013 was an eventful year for Swedish defense policy. It started off with a debate on the “one week defense”, which argued that the Swedish military would only be able to safeguard their borders for one week in the case of a military intervention. This was then followed by a discussion of “the Russian Easter”, after it was revealed that […]

Clash of Civilizations? (in Swedish)

November 11, 2013

In the summer of 1993, Foreign Affairs published  “Clash of Civilizations?” by Samuel P. Huntington. “Clash of Civilizations?” launched the theory of a new world order after the Cold War where cultural and religious identities would be the primary sources of conflict. Huntington believed that future wars would mainly take place between the Western, Muslim and […]

Ten Years With Putin (in Swedish)

December 29, 2014

On November 16th, The Free World Forum released a Swedish translation of Boris Nemtsov’s and Vladimir Milov’s report Ten Years with Putin. In this report, two of Russia’s leading Putin critics paint a picture of a country who, during the past decade, has found itself in a state of decline. Corruption and crime has increased […]