Illicit Finance and National Security

Publicerad 18 november, 2019

In the brief Illicit Finance and National Security, Joshua Kirschenbaum visiting Fellow, Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund explores how authoritarian regimes and private actors have gained a greater understanding on how to use new methods of finance to further their goals. Furthermore, he points to several areas more exposed than others to these criminal activities and presents viable solutions on how EU member states and the United States should approach them.

Joshua Kirschenbaum is a visiting fellow at GMF’s Alliance for Securing Democracy. He joined GMF from the Treasury, where he worked 2011-18. Kirschenbaum served as acting director of the Office of Special Measures at Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, overseeing international money laundering investigations. He also worked with Iran sanctions at the Office of Foreign Assets Control. He received his MA in international security from Georgetown and BA in public policy from Northwestern.